Spring /Break/

Nationwide pride in a global pandemic

Newsletter Nº3

What follows is a recall of things we've been doing from home base these past forty days (for those reading in the future – we were all asked to “quarantine” inside, even if we weren’t showing signs of a novel coronavirus). The post-its above are from a brainstorm with Gaby last spring, one sunny afternoon in the West Village. Maybe the time has come to put those ideas in full motion.


Want to move your body?
I am hooked on the "BBB" workout classes hosted free via Instagram Live by Kelly Brabants. (discovered by Amy V.)

Test your choreography by mastering TikTok dances like this one, created by two sisters in TX

Take a live dance class with Ryan H. (discovered by Mary John F.)

Grandma sends me a photo of the daily crossword, then I fill it out on my iPad. Sometimes she sends a blank, other times she starts it out and I take over.

Read screenplays! We gathered a selection from last year's top films on our blog.

Keep scrolling for details about our upcoming virtual learning sessions and DIY project links!

Relix created a concert livestream guide with several shows per day. Learn guitar with Guitar Zero2Hero or SixStringCountry.com!

If I were a DJ, here are tunes I'd be spinning (don't try to make sense of the variety)


What have you found to pass the time?

Going Live

SXSW was canceled but the organizers invited us to host our panel remotely so they can publish it online afterwards. Join us tonight (April 21st 6PM EDT) to watch the panel live!

All our in-person meetups and workshops are on hold. Check in on Instagram for {virtual} hangouts and snapshots of making things and sharing space during quarantine.

Recorded Session

The Sustainable Fashion Circle meetup we co-organize hosted a Zoom session about the microplastic dilemma, what we can do, and what the future holds. Watch the full video here.

For email news and updates specifically related to sustainable fashion, click here.

Our blog and newsletter is starting a new series of how-to videos and projects created to help you restore the clothes in your closet, things you find in thrift shops or your grandmother's attic. To replay is to repair, revive, recraft.

Who would have imagined?

Believe it or not, this picture was taken in March 2019, when I was on the way to visit my sister Amy in Boston. She had a cold and I was bringing these for us to wear around her as a joke. Crazy how the world keeps turning, steadily on a track, and yet it can all change in an instant.

Look up!

Get in touch with any questions or thoughts, I love hearing from you! The next issue will have more projects, and hopefully some long-awaited new product updates. Stay safe, my friends.

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